Since the early '60s, the company Sicomec has been at the service of craftsmen and producers of shoes setting on the market its stamping machines and counter machines for the heat printing on leather goods, synthetic and boxes.
Evolving its experience derived from the field of electronics, it was the first company in absolute to apply computerized systems on its stamping and counter machines.
Thanks also to the precise and efficient work of several agents, the company Sicomec grants a very good sell and assistance service in Italy an all around the world.

Sicomec machines are used in different fields and they are very appreciated from companies that are working in the automotive industry, looking for new technologies that ensure a precise traceability during the manufacturing process.


Sicomec produces a wide range of hot printing and electronic machines




TF150TTVP Pneumatic stamping machine for linings with sliding surface and air intake system

338TTV Pneumatic stamping machine for insoles with sliding surface and air intake system


Assomac Award 2016

Electro-pneumatic lining stamping machines with new computers

Since 2016 Sicomec provided its lining stamping machines TF160EL/CN and TF150EL/NC with new computers.

Simac 2020


Simac Tanning Tech is the international engagement with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning, which takes place in Milan, in conjunction with Lineapelle. Sicomec was present from 19 to 21 February 2020, hall 14 stand F30.

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